Bad URL path: _PC.btbdom01:8686/jndi/rmi://SIEMONEIT_PC.btbdom01:8686/jmxrmi

Oracle Community | MaxMuster | 6 years ago
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    Bug?? Unable start freshly installed Glassfish from NetbeansIDE: "Cannot start JMX connector"

    Oracle Community | 6 years ago | MaxMuster Bad URL path: _PC.btbdom01:8686/jndi/rmi://SIEMONEIT_PC.btbdom01:8686/jmxrmi
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    How to access GlassFish's web service testing facility

    Coderanch | 6 years ago | Kumar Sonu Bad URL path: _krv:8686/jndi/rmi://deepak_krv:8686/jmxrmi
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    GlassFish não sobe! 'Cannot start JMX connector JmxConnector' | 1 year ago Service URL contains non-ASCII character 0xe9
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    Glassfish 4 won't deploy project

    Oracle Community | 2 years ago | 38025b39-2556-41ce-b904-e8cd6fd5df36 Bad URL path: _W_921V_1_36_000:8686/jndi/rmi://Sunshine.Speedport_W_921V_1_36_000:8686/jmxrmi
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    The RMIConnectorStarter class, if given a literal IPv6 address, constructs an invalid URL in the start method at lines 276-286. When literal IPv6 addresses are used in URLs, they need to be enclosed in square brackets ([]). See RFC 2732 for details ( However, this code doesn't take that into account. This causes the following exception if a literal address is used in the address field for the JMX service: [#|2011-02-09T16:27:12.701-0800|WARNING|oracle-glassfish3.1||_ThreadID=71;_ThreadName=Thread-1;|Cannot start JMX connector: JmxConnector config: { name = system, Protocol = rmi_jrmp, Address = fe80::21b:24ff:fe5c:2e59, Port = 8686, AcceptAll = false, AuthRealmName = admin-realm, SecurityEnabled = false}: Bad port number: "": java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""|#] [#|2011-02-09T16:27:12.702-0800|SEVERE|oracle-glassfish3.1||_ThreadID=71;_ThreadName=Thread-1;| Bad port number: "": java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "" at<init>( at org.glassfish.admin.mbeanserver.RMIConnectorStarter.start( at org.glassfish.admin.mbeanserver.JMXStartupService$JMXConnectorsStarterThread.startConnector( at org.glassfish.admin.mbeanserver.JMXStartupService$ |#] This problem was originally reported in issue GLASSFISH-15924. Workarounds for this issue include: - use square brackets in the domain.xml, i.e, address="[fe80::216:3eff:fe3e:4c35]" - use a DNS name that points to an IPv6 address instead Tagging this as 3_1-exclude because there are workarounds and this is not a release stopper. JIRA | 6 years ago | Tom Mueller Bad port number: "": java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""

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    Root Cause Analysis


      Bad URL path: _PC.btbdom01:8686/jndi/rmi://SIEMONEIT_PC.btbdom01:8686/jmxrmi

    2. Java RT
      2 frames
    3. MBeanServer
      1. org.glassfish.admin.mbeanserver.RMIConnectorStarter.start(
      2. org.glassfish.admin.mbeanserver.JMXStartupService$JMXConnectorsStarterThread.startConnector(
      3. org.glassfish.admin.mbeanserver.JMXStartupService$
      3 frames