javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: jms

Oracle Community | Henning Verbeek Guest | 6 years ago
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    EclipseLink CacheCoordination via JMS on GF3.1.1: "Client ID is already in use"

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    javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: jms
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    Adding Jersey servlet to an existing Spring MVC application

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    javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: CDIExtension not found

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. javax.naming.NameNotFoundException


      at com.sun.enterprise.naming.impl.TransientContext.resolveContext()
    2. Glassfish Naming
      1. com.sun.enterprise.naming.impl.TransientContext.resolveContext(
      2. com.sun.enterprise.naming.impl.TransientContext.lookup(
      3. com.sun.enterprise.naming.impl.SerialContextProviderImpl.lookup(
      4. com.sun.enterprise.naming.impl.LocalSerialContextProviderImpl.lookup(
      5. com.sun.enterprise.naming.impl.SerialContext.lookup(
      5 frames