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  • javax.jdo.JDODataStoreException: Delete request failed: DELETE FROM BUILDDEFINITION WHERE ID = ? NestedThrowables: SQL Exception: DELETE on table 'BUILDDEFINITION' caused a violation of foreign key constraint 'PROJECT_BUILP8_FK2' for key (59). The statement has been rolled back.] at ognl.OgnlRuntime.callAppropriateMethod( at ognl.ObjectMethodAccessor.callMethod( at ognl.OgnlRuntime.callMethod( at ognl.ASTMethod.getValueBody( at ognl.SimpleNode.evaluateGetValueBody( at ognl.SimpleNode.getValue( at ognl.Ognl.getValue( at ognl.Ognl.getValue( at ognl.Ognl.getValue(
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