Kuali JIRA | Heather Elyea | 1 year ago
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    JIRA COMMENTS {QUOTE} Barb Sutton added a comment - 30/Oct/15 10:52 AM Ran into three issues and am stuck. Would like engineers input to be sure they are defects before creating JIRA's: 1. New parm is in monsters rice, although it is in the KFS Namespace - is this a problem? 2. Source of Funds displays on Account Inquiry when parm is set to N 3. Attempt to create new, edit or copy account throws NPE - is this related to the parm's location? Part of NPE Copied below {CODE} java.lang.NullPointerException at org.kuali.kfs.coa.document.authorization.AccountDocumentPresentationController.getConditionallyHiddenPropertyNames( at org.kuali.kfs.kns.service.impl.BusinessObjectAuthorizationServiceImpl.considerInquiryOrMaintenanceDocumentPresentationController( at org.kuali.kfs.kns.service.impl.BusinessObjectAuthorizationServiceImpl.getMaintenanceDocumentRestrictions( at org.kuali.kfs.kns.web.struts.action.KualiMaintenanceDocumentAction.populateAuthorizationFields( at org.kuali.kfs.kns.web.struts.action.KualiDocumentActionBase.execute( {CODE} Barb Sutton added a comment - 30/Oct/15 1:44 PM Once the parameter issue is fixed, I would suggest that the testing be started over again, using the script in KFSPRJQ-466. Heather Elyea added a comment - 06/Nov/15 12:37 PM It's working. Parameter = N --> Inquiry and Maint doc does not display field Parameter = Y --> Inquiry and Maint doc does display field {QUOTE}

    Kuali JIRA | 1 year ago | Heather Elyea

    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.NullPointerException

      No message provided

      at org.kuali.kfs.coa.document.authorization.AccountDocumentPresentationController.getConditionallyHiddenPropertyNames()
    2. org.kuali.kfs
      1. org.kuali.kfs.coa.document.authorization.AccountDocumentPresentationController.getConditionallyHiddenPropertyNames(
      2. org.kuali.kfs.kns.service.impl.BusinessObjectAuthorizationServiceImpl.considerInquiryOrMaintenanceDocumentPresentationController(
      3. org.kuali.kfs.kns.service.impl.BusinessObjectAuthorizationServiceImpl.getMaintenanceDocumentRestrictions(
      4. org.kuali.kfs.kns.web.struts.action.KualiMaintenanceDocumentAction.populateAuthorizationFields(
      5. org.kuali.kfs.kns.web.struts.action.KualiDocumentActionBase.execute(
      5 frames