oracle.xquery.XQException: unknown funcName not

Oracle Community | 387076 | 1 decade ago
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    XQuery "not" function replacement

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    oracle.xquery.XQException: unknown funcName not
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    Question about Exception stack

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    oracle.xquery.XQException: Too many arguments for function compare
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    Executing XQuery fn-bea:date-from-dateTime($date) causes: XPST0081

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    oracle.xquery.XQException: XPST0081: It is a static error if a QName used in an expression contains a namespace prefix that cannot be expanded into a namespace URI by using the statically known namespaces. Detail: Undeclared namespace prefix 'fn-bea' at oracle.xquery.PreparedXQuery.<init>( at oracle.xquery.PreparedXQuery.<init>(
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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. oracle.xquery.XQException

      unknown funcName not

      at oracle.xquery.comp.SAXComp.compileFunction()
    2. oracle.xquery.comp
      1. oracle.xquery.comp.SAXComp.compileFunction(
      1 frame