org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException: could not delete: [Object1#14382]

Stack Overflow | pegas | 8 months ago
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    @OneToMany Persistence Set is not retrieved for some entities

    Stack Overflow | 8 months ago | pegas
    org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException: could not delete: [Object1#14382]
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    Cross Schema NetworkManager Problem when reading NetWork with MBR

    Oracle Community | 7 years ago | 407022
    java.sql.SQLException: ORA-29902: error in executing ODCIIndexStart() routine ORA-13208: internal error while evaluating [window SRID does not match layer SRID] operator ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.SDO_INDEX_METHOD_10I", line 333
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    Unable to call Stored procedure from hibernate

    Stack Overflow | 2 years ago | jayendra bhatt
    java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column name
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    [OPENJPA-964] Finish updating sql-error-state- codes.xml for query timeout support on other DBs - ASF JIRA | 1 year ago
    java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation
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    Problems intalling 2.22 Oracle on CentOs

    openbravo | 1 decade ago | cam67
    java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00942: la tabla o vista no existe

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.sql.SQLException

      ORA-02292: constraint violation (USER.FK_FROM_TABLE_2) - enregistrement fils existant

      at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException()
    2. Oracle jdbc
      1. oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException(
      1 frame
    3. Hibernate
      1. org.hibernate.persister.entity.AbstractEntityPersister.delete(
      2. org.hibernate.exception.SQLStateConverter.convert(
      2 frames
    4. Hibernate EJB
      1. org.hibernate.ejb.TransactionImpl.commit(
      1 frame
    5. Spring ORM
      1. org.springframework.orm.jpa.JpaTransactionManager.doCommit(
      1 frame
    6. Hibernate
      1. org.springframework.orm.hibernate3.SessionFactoryUtils.convertHibernateAccessException(
      1 frame
    7. fr.covea.troisma
      1. fr.covea.troisma.soja.batch.BatchService.launchJob(
      1 frame
      1 frame