java.sql.SQLException: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection | 5 months ago
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    Artur Nowak's headdump | 5 months ago
    java.sql.SQLException: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection
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    When enabling server encryption with the IBM JRE (algorithm: IbmX509), an IllegalArgumentException is thrown from the IBM JSSE when the server is started: ERROR 10:04:37,326 Exception encountered during startup java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: SSLv2Hello at at at<init>( at at at at at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageService.prepareToJoin( at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageService.initServer( at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageService.initServer( at org.apache.cassandra.service.CassandraDaemon.setup( at org.apache.cassandra.service.CassandraDaemon.activate( at org.apache.cassandra.service.CassandraDaemon.main( The problem is that the IBM JSSE does not support SSLv2Hello, but this protocol is hard-coded in class public static final String[] ACCEPTED_PROTOCOLS = new String[] {"SSLv2Hello", "TLSv1", "TLSv1.1", "TLSv1.2"}; public static SSLServerSocket getServerSocket(EncryptionOptions options, InetAddress address, int port) throws IOException { SSLContext ctx = createSSLContext(options, true); SSLServerSocket serverSocket = (SSLServerSocket)ctx.getServerSocketFactory().createServerSocket(); serverSocket.setReuseAddress(true); String[] suits = filterCipherSuites(serverSocket.getSupportedCipherSuites(), options.cipher_suites); serverSocket.setEnabledCipherSuites(suits); serverSocket.setNeedClientAuth(options.require_client_auth); serverSocket.setEnabledProtocols(ACCEPTED_PROTOCOLS); serverSocket.bind(new InetSocketAddress(address, port), 500); return serverSocket; } This ACCEPTED_PROTOCOLS array should not be hard-coded. It should rather read the protocols from configuration, or if the algorithm is IbmX509, simply do not call setEnabledProtocols - with the IBM JSSE, the enabled protocol is controlled by the protocol passed to SSLContext.getInstance.

    Apache's JIRA Issue Tracker | 10 months ago | Guillermo Vega-Toro
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: SSLv2Hello
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    db:: 3.95::535 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful 91 | 10 months ago
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: SSLv2Hello
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    Some tests in the testsuite are failing due to IBM JDK not supporting the SSLv2Hello protocol: 15:10:46,727 ERROR [AbstractKernelController] Error installing to Start: name=jboss:service=invoker,socketType=SSLSocketFactory,type=jrmp,wantsClientAuth=true state=Create mode=Manual requiredState=Installed java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: SSLv2Hello at at<init>( at at at at at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPEndpoint.newServerSocket( at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPTransport.listen( at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPTransport.exportObject( at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPEndpoint.exportObject( ... This problem was previously reported as JBPAPP-626 but never fixed. I'm creating a new JIRA since it now affects more testcases. These testcases fail: org.jboss.test.jrmp.test.CustomSocketsUnitTestCase org.jboss.test.jrmp.test.SSLFailuresSocketsUnitTestCase org.jboss.test.jrmp.test.SSLSocketsUnitTestCase org.jboss.test.pooled.test.SSLSocketsUnitTestCase We can still leave it as it is - meaning documenting these failures as known issues with IBM JDK. I just wanted to make sure we know about it.

    JBoss Issue Tracker | 8 years ago | Martin Malina
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: SSLv2Hello
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    SSL issue

    Oracle Community | 6 months ago | Enzo B
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: SSLv2Hello

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException


      3 frames
    3. Oracle jdbc
      9. oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CConnection.connect(
      10. oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CConnection.logon(
      11. oracle.jdbc.driver.PhysicalConnection.<init>(
      12. oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CConnection.<init>(
      13. oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CDriverExtension.getConnection(
      14. oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver.connect(
      14 frames
    4. Java RT
      1. java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
      2. java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
      2 frames
    5. Unknown
      1. OracleSSLTest.main(
      1 frame