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  • com.koushikdutta.async.http.ConnectionClosedException: connection closed before response completed. at com.koushikdutta.async.http.AsyncHttpResponseImpl$2.onCompleted( at com.koushikdutta.async.AsyncSSLSocketWrapper$4.onCompleted( at com.koushikdutta.async.AsyncNetworkSocket.reportEnd( at com.koushikdutta.async.AsyncNetworkSocket.reportEndPending( at com.koushikdutta.async.AsyncNetworkSocket.onReadable( at com.koushikdutta.async.AsyncServer.runLoop( at at com.koushikdutta.async.AsyncServer.access$700( at com.koushikdutta.async.AsyncServer$ Caused by: recvfrom failed: ECONNRESET (Connection reset by peer) at at at java.nio.SocketChannelImpl.readImpl( at at at com.koushikdutta.async.AsyncNetworkSocket.onReadable( ... 4 more Caused by: android.system.ErrnoException: recvfrom failed: ECONNRESET (Connection reset by peer) at Method) at at at

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