Invalid column family table01_cf01 | 5 months ago
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    Data Safety and Data Recoverability: A Snapshot How-to in a Snap | MapR | 5 months ago Invalid column family table01_cf01
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    after upgrade to 0.8.7: InvalidRequestException(why:Column timestamp is required)

    Google Groups | 5 years ago | Patrik Modesto InvalidRequestException(why:Deletion timestamp is not optional for non commutative column family PageData)
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    Check for bad records in the input data (like '(null)')

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    Root Cause Analysis


      Invalid column family table01_cf01

      at com.mapr.fs.PutConverter.createMapRPut()
    2. com.mapr.fs
      1. com.mapr.fs.PutConverter.createMapRPut(
      1 frame