com.devdaily.sarah.tests.TrySuccessFailure$AlsException: Bummer! | 5 months ago
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    How to convert a stack trace to a string for printing with a logger | | 5 months ago
    com.devdaily.sarah.tests.TrySuccessFailure$AlsException: Bummer!
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    Bad input data (not properly separated)
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    If you are using maven you'd like to exclude your binaries from filtering process.
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    Check for bad records in the input data (like '(null)')
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    Download the winutils.exe for your Hadoop version: . Save it to HADOOP_HOME/bin

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    Root Cause Analysis



      at com.devdaily.sarah.tests.TrySuccessFailure$$anonfun$badAdder$1.apply$mcI$sp()
    2. com.devdaily.sarah
      1. com.devdaily.sarah.tests.TrySuccessFailure$$anonfun$badAdder$1.apply$mcI$sp(TrySuccessFailure.scala:30)
      1 frame