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via Stack Overflow by SuhasD
, 1 year ago
Encountered owl:real at line 1 column 12. Expected one of: Datatype name not {
via GitHub by nemishas
, 1 year ago
Encountered |EOF| at line 1 column 13. Expected one of: min exactly max value Self only some
via GitHub by tudorache
, 1 year ago
Encountered |EOF| at line 1 column 26. Expected one of: , >
via GitHub by RalphBln
, 2 years ago
Encountered |EOF| at line 1 column 2. Expected one of: Class name Object property name Data property name inv Functional inverse InverseFunctional ( Asymmetric Transitive Irreflexive { Symmetric Reflexive
org.semanticweb.owlapi.manchestersyntax.renderer.ParserException: Encountered owl:real at line 1 column 12. Expected one of:
    Datatype name
    {	at org.semanticweb.owlapi.manchestersyntax.parser.ManchesterOWLSyntaxParserImpl$	at org.semanticweb.owlapi.manchestersyntax.parser.ManchesterOWLSyntaxParserImpl.parseDataRangePrimary(	at org.semanticweb.owlapi.manchestersyntax.parser.ManchesterOWLSyntaxParserImpl.parseDataUnionOf(	at org.semanticweb.owlapi.manchestersyntax.parser.ManchesterOWLSyntaxParserImpl.parseDataIntersectionOf(	at org.semanticweb.owlapi.manchestersyntax.parser.ManchesterOWLSyntaxParserImpl.parseDataRange(	at org.semanticweb.owlapi.manchestersyntax.parser.ManchesterOWLSyntaxParserImpl.parseDataRestriction(	at org.semanticweb.owlapi.manchestersyntax.parser.ManchesterOWLSyntaxParserImpl.parseNonNaryClassExpression(	at org.semanticweb.owlapi.manchestersyntax.parser.ManchesterOWLSyntaxParserImpl.parseIntersection(	at org.semanticweb.owlapi.manchestersyntax.parser.ManchesterOWLSyntaxParserImpl.parseUnion(	at org.semanticweb.owlapi.manchestersyntax.parser.ManchesterOWLSyntaxParserImpl.parseClassExpression(	at OWLAPI.convertStringToClassExpression(