Invalid Staring element

Stack Overflow | EnMalA | 8 months ago
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    "Invalid Staring element" error building JSON when nested query returns no data

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    ESB 4.6.0 with Data server plugin - Not able to execute stored procedure with REF_CURSOR

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    org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: DS Fault Message: Error in 'CallQuery.extractParams', cannot find parameter with type:query-param name:in_version_id DS Code: INCOMPATIBLE_PARAMETERS_ERROR Source Data Service:- Name: RZM Location: /RZM.dbs Description: N/A Default Namespace: Current Request Name: TOP Current Params: {}

    Root Cause Analysis


      Invalid Staring element

      at org.wso2.carbon.dataservices.core.engine.DSOMDataSource.execute()
    2. org.wso2.carbon
      1. org.wso2.carbon.dataservices.core.engine.DSOMDataSource.execute(
      2. org.wso2.carbon.dataservices.core.engine.DSOMDataSource.serialize(
      2 frames
    3. Axiom Impl
      2 frames
    4. org.apache.axis2
      1. org.apache.axis2.json.gson.JsonFormatter.writeTo(
      1 frame