Read call frame size failed

Stack Overflow | Dudei95 | 6 months ago
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    How can I use TBinaryProtocol and TFramedTransport in Java for Async server and client?

    Stack Overflow | 1 year ago | user1870400 Read call frame size failed
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    Read call frame size failed issue with Apache Thrift Async Client

    Stack Overflow | 6 months ago | Dudei95 Read call frame size failed

    Root Cause Analysis


      Read call frame size failed

      at org.apache.thrift.async.TAsyncMethodCall.doReadingResponseSize()
    2. Apache Thrift
      1. org.apache.thrift.async.TAsyncMethodCall.doReadingResponseSize(
      2. org.apache.thrift.async.TAsyncMethodCall.transition(
      3. org.apache.thrift.async.TAsyncClientManager$SelectThread.transitionMethods(
      4. org.apache.thrift.async.TAsyncClientManager$
      4 frames