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    • java.lang.NullPointerException at java.util.Hashtable.put( at org.eclipse.rse.internal.subsystems.files.ftp.parser.FTPClientConfigFactory.getFTPClientConfig( at at org.eclipse.rse.internal.subsystems.files.ftp.connectorservice.FTPConnectorService.internalConnect( at org.eclipse.rse.internal.subsystems.files.ftp.connectorservice.FTPConnectorService.internalConnect( at org.eclipse.rse.core.subsystems.AbstractConnectorService$ at org.eclipse.rse.core.subsystems.AbstractConnectorService$ at org.eclipse.rse.core.subsystems.AbstractConnectorService.connect( at org.eclipse.rse.ui.operations.SystemFetchOperation.ensureConnected( at org.eclipse.rse.ui.operations.SystemFetchOperation.execute( at at org.eclipse.rse.ui.view.AbstractSystemViewAdapter.fetchDeferredChildren( at org.eclipse.ui.progress.DeferredTreeContentManager$ at

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