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  1. NPE when use @SpringBootTest and @WebAppConfiguration
    Spring TestContext Framework

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java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to load ApplicationContext
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    at com.intellij.junit4.JUnit4IdeaTestRunner.startRunnerWithArgs(
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JaviRpo2 months ago

You don't need @WebAppConfiguration with @SpringBootTest support.

So just delete @WebAppConfiguration, and then...

  • if you want a mocked WebApplicationContext -- for example, to use MockMvc -- use @SpringBootTest with the default webEnvironment (which is WebEnvironment.MOCK).
  • if you want your web application to actually be deployed in an embedded Servlet container -- for example, to test with TestRestTemplate -- use @SpringBootTest(webEnvironment = WebEnvironment.RANDOM_PORT) or @SpringBootTest(webEnvironment = WebEnvironment.DEFINED_PORT)

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