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via Stack Overflow by user125798
, 1 year ago
rv; } } failed. / error: incompatible types: Object cannot be converted to Cat for (querydsl.model.Cat cat1 : com.querydsl.collections.CollQueryFunctions.leftJoin
via GitHub by jotak
, 2 years ago
Compilation of public class Q_0390602011_1275614662_1275614662_566403833 { public static Iterable<cat.Cat> eval(Iterable<cat.Cat> cat_, a1) { java.util.List<cat.Cat> rv = new
via GitHub by bkempe
, 1 year ago
: com.querydsl.collections.CollQueryFunctions.<java.util.List>get(cat1, "kittens")) { rv.add(new Object[]{cat1,cat2}); } } return rv; } } failed. / error: incompatible types: Object cannot be converted to Cat for
via Stack Overflow by Ivan Sopov
, 2 years ago
Compilation of public class Q_838101820_201273267_01405199074_997653153 { public static com.mysema.query.Tuple eval(com.sopovs.moradanen.zkoss.QuerydslCollectionsGroupByTest.Foo foo, com.mysema.query.types.QTuple a1) { return
via Stack Overflow by Unknown author, 2 years ago
. / error: Present is not public in; cannot be accessed from outside package public static Iterable<xxx.OpenedInterruption> eval(Iterable<xxx.OpenedInterruption> openedInterruption_, xxx.InterruptionType a1, xxx.InterruptionTargetType a2, a3) { ^ 1 error
via GitHub by mattrebor
, 2 years ago
Compilation of return (Object[])(a1.newInstance(g.getQuantity() * g.getPrice(), g.getDesc())); failed. / operator * cannot be applied to java.math.BigDecimal,java.math.BigDecimal return (Object
com.mysema.codegen.CodegenException: Compilation of   
 public class Q_1462119976_65821278_1275614662 {
 public static java.util.List<Object[]> eval(Iterable<querydsl.model.Cat> cat1_) {
 java.util.List<Object[]> rv = new java.util.ArrayList<Object[]>();
 for (querydsl.model.Cat cat1 : cat1_) {
      for (querydsl.model.Cat cat1 : com.querydsl.collections.CollQueryFunctions.leftJoin(com.querydsl.collections.CollQueryFunctions.<java.util.List>get(category1, "cats"))) {
            rv.add(new Object[]{cat1,cat1});
 return rv;    
 / error: incompatible types: Object cannot be converted to Cat
 for (querydsl.model.Cat cat1 : com.querydsl.collections.CollQueryFunctions.leftJoin(com.querydsl.collections.CollQueryFunctions.<java.util.List>get(category1, "cats"))) {
...	at com.mysema.codegen.JDKEvaluatorFactory.compile(	at com.mysema.codegen.AbstractEvaluatorFactory.createEvaluator(	at com.querydsl.collections.DefaultEvaluatorFactory.createEvaluator(	at com.querydsl.collections.DefaultQueryEngine.evaluateMultipleSources(	at com.querydsl.collections.DefaultQueryEngine.count(	at com.querydsl.collections.AbstractCollQuery.fetchResults(	at querydsl.Main.LeftJoin(