wollok.lang.Exception: foo

GitHub | flbulgarelli | 5 months ago
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    Incorrect stack trace frames order when an error is thrown within a block

    GitHub | 6 months ago | flbulgarelli
    wollok.lang.Exception: foo at [__synthetic0.wpgm]
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    GitHub comment 807#232133672

    GitHub | 6 months ago | fdodino
    wollok.lang.Exception: foo at wollok.lang.List.fold(initialValue,closure) [/lang.wlk:809]
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    Range only for int

    GitHub | 7 months ago | JuanchiRios
    wollok.lang.Exception: java.math.BigDecimal cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. wollok.lang.Exception


      at wollok.lib.error.throwWithMessage()
    2. wollok.lib
      1. wollok.lib.error.throwWithMessage(aMessage)[/lib.wlk:255]
      1 frame