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  • GitHub comment 726#244291362
    via GitHub by tommywuhaojie
  • Can't login
    via GitHub by jeremys18
  • GitHub comment 397#247880860
    via GitHub by Wolfsblvt
  • Manager sometimes wont start
    via GitHub by Nikecow
  • Google Authentication Failing
    via GitHub by rcf22
  • GitHub comment 672#236425377
    via GitHub by qifbox
  • Contents of buffer are null
    via GitHub by Peyphour
    • com.pokegoapi.exceptions.AsyncPokemonGoException: Unknown exception occurred. at com.pokegoapi.util.AsyncHelper.toBlocking( at com.pokegoapi.main.RequestHandler.sendServerRequests( at com.pokegoapi.api.PokemonGo.fireRequestBlockOne( at com.pokegoapi.api.PokemonGo.initialize( at com.pokegoapi.api.PokemonGo.login( at com.xxxx.LoginActivity$ at Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: Contents of buffer are null at rx.exceptions.Exceptions.propagate( at rx.observables.BlockingObservable.blockForSingle( at rx.observables.BlockingObservable.first( at com.pokegoapi.util.AsyncHelper.toBlocking( ... 6 more Caused by: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: Contents of buffer are null at com.pokegoapi.main.RequestHandler$1.get( at com.pokegoapi.main.RequestHandler$1.get( at rx.internal.operators.OnSubscribeToObservableFuture$ at rx.internal.operators.OnSubscribeToObservableFuture$ at at at at at rx.Observable.subscribe( at rx.Observable.subscribe( at rx.observables.BlockingObservable.blockForSingle( ... 8 more Caused by: Contents of buffer are null at com.pokegoapi.main.ServerRequest.getData( at ... 1 more
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