play.api.UnexpectedException: Unexpected exception [ObjectExistsException: Cache play already exists]

Google Groups | Gilbert Wong | 5 years ago
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    [2.1-SNAPSHOT] ObjectExistsException: Cache play already exists

    Google Groups | 5 years ago | Gilbert Wong
    play.api.UnexpectedException: Unexpected exception [ObjectExistsException: Cache play already exists]
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    table or view does not exist when play2 accesses oracle

    Stack Overflow | 5 years ago | 慧 储
    play.api.UnexpectedException: Unexpected exception [sqlexception ora-00942 table or view does not exist]
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    Play framework 2.0 JPA Mysql error :Unable to build EntityManagerFactory

    Stack Overflow | 5 years ago | user1453623
    play.api.UnexpectedException: Unexpected exception [PersistenceException: [Persi stenceUnit: defaultPersistenceUnit] Unable to build EntityManagerFactory]
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    Play Framework and DB2

    Stack Overflow | 5 years ago | RedEagle
    play.api.UnexpectedException: Unexpected exception [SqlSyntaxErrorException: DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-204, SQLSTATE=42704, SQLERRMC=DB2ADMIN.PLAY_EVOLUTIONS, DRI VER=4.12.55]

    Root Cause Analysis

    1. play.api.UnexpectedException

      Unexpected exception [ObjectExistsException: Cache play already exists]

      at play.core.ReloadableApplication$$anonfun$get$1$$anonfun$apply$3$$anonfun$1.apply()
    2. Play
      1. play.core.ReloadableApplication$$anonfun$get$1$$anonfun$apply$3$$anonfun$1.apply(ApplicationProvider.scala:125)
      2. play.core.ReloadableApplication$$anonfun$get$1$$anonfun$apply$3$$anonfun$1.apply(ApplicationProvider.scala:103)
      2 frames
    3. Scala
      1 frame
    4. Play
      1. play.core.ReloadableApplication$$anonfun$get$1$$anonfun$apply$3.apply(ApplicationProvider.scala:103)
      2. play.core.ReloadableApplication$$anonfun$get$1$$anonfun$apply$3.apply(ApplicationProvider.scala:101)
      2 frames
    5. Scala
      1. scala.Either$RightProjection.flatMap(Either.scala:520)
      1 frame