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  • Guice AOP in a Fibered environment
    via by roded,
  • call! in gen-event handler
    via GitHub by colinyip
  • GitHub comment 74#69884889
    via GitHub by mnowrot
    • java.lang.NullPointerException at co.paralleluniverse.strands.Strand.park( at co.paralleluniverse.strands.ConditionSynchronizer.await( at co.paralleluniverse.actors.Mailbox.await( at co.paralleluniverse.actors.SelectiveReceiveHelper.receive( at at at at at org.apache.avro.ipc.Transceiver.transceive( at org.apache.avro.ipc.Requestor.request( at org.apache.avro.ipc.Requestor.request( at org.apache.avro.ipc.specific.SpecificRequestor.invoke( at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy17.spawnSession(Unknown Source) at lobby.actors.SessionRegistry.start( at tests.LobbyTest$2.apply( at tests.LobbyTest$2.apply( at lobby.actors.SessionRegistry$Action.process( at lobby.actors.SessionRegistry.doRun( at lobby.actors.SessionRegistry.doRun( at co.paralleluniverse.actors.Actor.run0( at at
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