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  • sbt update fails for me
    via GitHub by cyrillk
  • GitHub comment 25#73847566
    via GitHub by xuwei-k
  • GitHub comment 43#74419551
    via GitHub by ivan-zapreev
  • Not able to use assembly plugin
    via Stack Overflow by Knows Not Much
  • Akka unresolved dependencies
    via Stack Overflow by Munish Phogat
    • sbt.ResolveException: download failed: net.sf.json-lib#json-lib;2.4!json-lib.jar at sbt.IvyActions$.sbt$IvyActions$$resolve(IvyActions.scala:313) at sbt.IvyActions$$anonfun$updateEither$1.apply(IvyActions.scala:191) at sbt.IvyActions$$anonfun$updateEither$1.apply(IvyActions.scala:168) at sbt.IvySbt$Module$$anonfun$withModule$1.apply(Ivy.scala:156)

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