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  • scalding compare consecutive rows in a schema
    via by Haidar Hadi,
  • Crash at Gson adapter
    via GitHub by Null45
    • java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: MODULE$ at java.lang.Class.getField( at scala.reflect.runtime.ReflectionUtils$.staticSingletonInstance(ReflectionUtils.scala:68) at scala.reflect.runtime.JavaMirrors$JavaMirror$JavaModuleMirror.instance(JavaMirrors.scala:530) at com.spotify.scio.bigquery.types.BigQueryType.<init>(BigQueryType.scala:199) at com.spotify.scio.bigquery.types.BigQueryType$.apply(BigQueryType.scala:182) at com.spotify.scio.experimental.package$TypedBigQueryClient.getTypedRows(package.scala:186)

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