java.lang.RuntimeException: An error occurred while executing doInBackground()

Stack Overflow | Tausif Shahbaz | 5 months ago
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Root Cause Analysis

  1. java.lang.NullPointerException

    Attempt to invoke virtual method 'double android.location.Location.getLatitude()' on a null object reference

    at in.junkart.junkart.entities.UserAddress$FetchAddress.doInBackground()
  2. in.junkart.junkart
    1. in.junkart.junkart.entities.UserAddress$FetchAddress.doInBackground(
    2. in.junkart.junkart.entities.UserAddress$FetchAddress.doInBackground(
    2 frames
  3. Android Platform
    1. android.os.AsyncTask$
    1 frame
  4. Java RT
    1 frame