com.application.areca.ApplicationException: Not in GZIP format

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via areca by avalidusername
, 1 year ago Not in GZIP format
via areca by floogy
, 1 year ago invalid entry CRC (expected 0xfef6a9c3 but got 0x41555741)
via by Unknown author, 2 years ago invalid entry CRC (expected 0xfa46f2bf but got 0x10e5ec35)
via by Unknown author, 2 years ago invalid entry CRC (expected 0xfef6a9c3 but got 0x41555741) Not in GZIP format
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at com.application.areca.metadata.AbstractMetadataAdapter.buildInputStream(
at com.application.areca.metadata.AbstractMetadataAdapter.getMetaData(
at com.application.areca.metadata.content.ArchiveContentAdapter.getIterator(
at com.application.areca.metadata.content.ArchiveContentAdapter.buildIterator(
at com.application.areca.metadata.content.ArchiveContentManager.buildIteratorForArchive(
at com.application.areca.impl.AbstractIncrementalFileSystemMedium.checkRecoveredFiles(
at com.application.areca.impl.AbstractIncrementalFileSystemMedium.recoverImpl(
at com.application.areca.impl.AbstractIncrementalFileSystemMedium.recover(
at com.application.areca.impl.AbstractIncrementalFileSystemMedium.checkArchives(
at com.application.areca.impl.FileSystemTarget.processArchiveCheck(
at com.application.areca.AbstractTarget.processBackup(
at com.application.areca.ActionProxy.processBackupOnTarget(
at Source)

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