Atlassian JIRA | Janet Albion [Atlassian] | 7 months ago
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    h3. Steps to Reproduce: # Install Confluence 5.10.x # Install JIRA Service Desk 3.2.1 # Create 2 users in both JIRA SD and Confluence. One of the user in JIRA SD is using on the Service Desk. Eg: userend2 is SD Agent, and enduser3 has  Customer access. Refer to screenshot  for example !UserListInJIRA.png|thumbnail! # Create Application Link between JIRA SD and Confluence using 2-Legged OAuth with Impersonation. Refer to   !Applink2LOi.png|thumbnail! # In Confluence, login as enduser2, access the Workbox Notification and it will shows correct information. Refer to  # In another web browser, login to Confluence as enduser3, then access the Workbox Notification   h3. Expected Behaviour: Workbox will be showing relevant notification   h3. Actual Behaviour * Workbox Notification keep loading as shown in screenshot  !NotificationBoxKeepLoading.png|thumbnail! * Following traces can be found in the Confluence Log: {code:java} 2016-09-09 17:25:16,714 ERROR [http-nio-8510-exec-9] [] toResponse Exception thrown from REST resource -- referer: http://localhost:8510/conf5104/plugins/servlet/notifications-miniview | url: /conf5104/rest/mywork/latest/notification/nested | traceId: a7df6b452cec534e | userName: enduser3 java.lang.NullPointerException at net.oauth.signature.OAuthSignatureMethod.normalizeUrl( at net.oauth.signature.OAuthSignatureMethod.getBaseString( at net.oauth.signature.OAuthSignatureMethod.getSignature( at net.oauth.signature.OAuthSignatureMethod.sign( at net.oauth.OAuthMessage.sign( at net.oauth.OAuthMessage.addRequiredParameters( ... at com.atlassian.applinks.oauth.auth.OAuthRequest.signRequest( at com.atlassian.applinks.oauth.auth.twolo.impersonation.TwoLeggedOAuthWithImpersonationRequest.signRequest( at com.atlassian.applinks.oauth.auth.OAuthRequest.execute( at com.atlassian.applinks.oauth.auth.OAuthApplinksResponseHandler.handle( ... {code}

    Atlassian JIRA | 7 months ago | Janet Albion [Atlassian]

    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.NullPointerException

      No message provided

      at net.oauth.signature.OAuthSignatureMethod.normalizeUrl()
    2. OAuth
      1. net.oauth.signature.OAuthSignatureMethod.normalizeUrl(
      2. net.oauth.signature.OAuthSignatureMethod.getBaseString(
      3. net.oauth.signature.OAuthSignatureMethod.getSignature(
      4. net.oauth.signature.OAuthSignatureMethod.sign(
      5. net.oauth.OAuthMessage.sign(
      6. net.oauth.OAuthMessage.addRequiredParameters(
      6 frames