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  • OC4J_SECURITY won't start
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  • WebLogic « WebLogic
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  • Unable to start OC4J_SECURITY
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  • OC4J doesnt startup
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  • OPMNCTL STARTALL refuse to start
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  • opmnctl error
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    • Could not create DB connection pool of: jdbc:oracle:thin:@ldap://,cn=oraclecontext at at at at javax.servlet.GenericServlet.init( at com.evermind.server.http.HttpApplication.loadServlet( at com.evermind.server.http.HttpApplication.findServlet( at com.evermind.server.http.HttpApplication.initPreloadServlets( at com.evermind.server.http.HttpApplication.initDynamic( at com.evermind.server.http.HttpApplication.<init>( at com.evermind.server.Application.getHttpApplication( at com.evermind.server.http.HttpServer.getHttpApplication( at com.evermind.server.http.HttpSite.initApplications( at com.evermind.server.http.HttpSite.setConfig( at com.evermind.server.http.HttpServer.setSites( at com.evermind.server.http.HttpServer.setConfig( at com.evermind.server.ApplicationServer.initializeHttp( at com.evermind.server.ApplicationServer.setConfig( at at
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