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  • GitHub comment 296#88044174
    via GitHub by thomas-p-wilson
  • GitHub comment 296#87979931
    via GitHub by stefanmeissner
    • org.jtwig.exception.ParseException: Wrong if syntax Explanation: Input position (line 1, pos 7): {% if recipient.attr != "" %}{{ recipient.attr }}{% else %}no or empty attribute{% endif %} ^ at org.jtwig.extension.core.tokenparsers.IfStatementParser$$parboiled.rule(Unknown Source) at org.jtwig.parser.parboiled.JtwigContentParser$$parboiled.tokenParsers(Unknown Source) at org.jtwig.parser.parboiled.JtwigContentParser$$parboiled.content(Unknown Source) at org.jtwig.parser.parboiled.JtwigContentParser$$parboiled.start(Unknown Source) at org.jtwig.Environment.parse(
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