java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not locate a product version associated with the jars on the classpath

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    java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not locate a product version associated with the jars on the classpath
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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException

      version String is not of form (?<major>[0-9]+)\.(?<minor>[0-9]+)\.(?<patch>[0-9]+)

      at org.kaazing.gateway.service.update.check.GatewayVersion.parseGatewayVersion()
    2. org.kaazing.gateway
      1. org.kaazing.gateway.service.update.check.GatewayVersion.parseGatewayVersion(
      2. org.kaazing.gateway.service.update.check.UpdateCheckService.<init>(
      3. org.kaazing.gateway.service.update.check.UpdateCheckServiceFactorySpi.newService(
      4. org.kaazing.gateway.service.ServiceFactory.newService(
      5. org.kaazing.gateway.server.context.resolve.GatewayContextResolver.resolveServices(
      6. org.kaazing.gateway.server.context.resolve.GatewayContextResolver.resolve(
      7. org.kaazing.gateway.server.impl.GatewayImpl.launch(
      8. org.kaazing.gateway.server.GatewayCommandLineProcessor.launchGateway(
      9. org.kaazing.gateway.server.GatewayCommandLineProcessor.launchGateway(
      10. org.kaazing.gateway.server.WindowsMain.main(
      10 frames