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  • GitHub comment 118#248948167
    via GitHub by elijahrockers
  • failed on my production machine. What now?
    via by Elijah Rockers,
    • org.nrg.xft.exception.FieldNotFoundException: Field not found: 'fs:aparcRegionAnalysis/NumVert' at org.nrg.xft.schema.Wrappers.GenericWrapper.GenericWrapperElement.TranslateXMLPathToTables( at at at at at at org.nrg.xdat.display.DisplayManager.GetCreateViewsSQL( at org.nrg.xdat.XDAT.GenerateUpdateSQL( at GenerateAllUpdateFiles.process( at org.nrg.xft.commandPrompt.CommandPromptTool._process( at at org.nrg.xft.commandPrompt.CommandPromptTool.<init>( at GenerateAllUpdateFiles.<init>( at GenerateAllUpdateFiles.main(
    No Bugmate found.