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  • Commit 41c3180 breaks data entry
    via GitHub by ctron
    • (TypeError) : a is null at Unknown.RLb(http://puddlejumper/kura) at Unknown.OLb(http://puddlejumper/kura) at Unknown.QLb(http://puddlejumper/kura) at Unknown.sMb(http://puddlejumper/kura) at at Unknown.Pn(http://puddlejumper/kura) at Unknown.Hn(http://puddlejumper/kura) at Unknown.gU(http://puddlejumper/kura) at Unknown.Wl(http://puddlejumper/kura) at Unknown.iU(http://puddlejumper/kura) at Unknown.sU(http://puddlejumper/kura) at Unknown.lZ(http://puddlejumper/kura) at Unknown.K$(http://puddlejumper/kura) at at at Unknown.le/<(http://puddlejumper/kura) at Unknown.anonymous(Unknown)
    No Bugmate found.