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  • SocketTimeoutException
    via GitHub by FRizzonelli
  • GitHub comment 25#267066831
    via GitHub by xdk78
  • GitHub comment 32#168964477
    via GitHub by NLLAPPS
  • App crash
    via GitHub by fangeugene
  • GitHub comment 197#188409856
    via GitHub by di72nn
  • GitHub comment 2122#198506233
    via GitHub by jianghaolu
  • ⚓ T125750 [Bug] Retrofit and socket timeouts
    via by Unknown author,
    • timeout at okio.Okio$3.newTimeoutException( at okio.AsyncTimeout.exit( at okio.AsyncTimeout$ at at okhttp3.internal.http.Http1xStream$ at at at retrofit2.OkHttpCall$ExceptionCatchingRequestBody$ at okio.RealBufferedSource$ at sun.nio.cs.StreamDecoder.readBytes( at sun.nio.cs.StreamDecoder.implRead( at at at at at at$ at$ at$35$ at retrofit2.converter.gson.GsonResponseBodyConverter.convert( at retrofit2.converter.gson.GsonResponseBodyConverter.convert( at retrofit2.ServiceMethod.toResponse( at retrofit2.OkHttpCall.parseResponse( at retrofit2.OkHttpCall$1.onResponse(

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