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  • The error shows as below after set the *Branch name* from *Additional Behaviours* -> *Check out to specific local branch*. {noformat} > git config core.sparsecheckout > git checkout -f 0bd22591afff0f67e84f9ce97365e1772351b3ce > git branch -a > git rev-parse (detached from 0bd2259)^{commit} FATAL: Could not checkout HEAD with start point 0bd22591afff0f67e84f9ce97365e1772351b3ce hudson.plugins.git.GitException: Could not checkout HEAD with start point 0bd22591afff0f67e84f9ce97365e1772351b3ce at org.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.CliGitAPIImpl$8.execute( at hudson.plugins.git.GitSCM.checkout( at hudson.model.AbstractProject.checkout( at hudson.model.AbstractBuild$AbstractBuildExecution.defaultCheckout( at jenkins.scm.SCMCheckoutStrategy.checkout( at hudson.model.AbstractBuild$ at hudson.model.Run.execute( at at hudson.model.ResourceController.execute( at Caused by: hudson.plugins.git.GitException: Command "git rev-parse (detached from 0bd2259)^{commit}" returned status code 128: stdout: (detached from 0bd2259)^{commit} stderr: fatal: ambiguous argument '(detached from 0bd2259)^{commit}': unknown revision or path not in the working tree. Use '--' to separate paths from revisions, like this: 'git <command> [<revision>...] -- [<file>...]' {noformat} Full Jenkins Console Output has been attached (Jenkins-Git-failed-full-log.txt). After analyzed, the error is because of the *specified colors* set in the ~/.gitconfig. The color settings as blow, details can be found from [my github|]: {noformat} [color] ui = true log = always status = always add = always push = always pull = always diff = always branch = always interactive = auto [color "branch"] current = green bold local = yellow remote = red [color "status"] added = yellow changed = red bold untracked = magenta normal dim [color "diff"] meta = blue bold frag = magenta old = red bold new = green bold whitespace = red reverse {noformat} Here the Jenkins job setting: !git-plugin.png! Can git plugin "ignore" the settings automatically (the settings like colors). I've [Created a question in stackoverflow|]
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    • hudson.plugins.git.GitException: Command "git -c core.askpass=true push Project-193 -f" returned status code 128: stdout: stderr: remote: Permission to b014081/Project.git denied to dcadmin. fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403 at org.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.CliGitAPIImpl.launchCommandIn( at org.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.CliGitAPIImpl.launchCommandWithCredentials( at org.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.CliGitAPIImpl.access$300( at org.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.CliGitAPIImpl$8.execute(
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