Failed to send request

Oracle Community | 7ec0c256-174e-4c18-b9c3-be7df31bcefd | 7 months ago
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    Converged Appliation Server Sip Engine Exception

    Oracle Community | 7 months ago | 7ec0c256-174e-4c18-b9c3-be7df31bcefd Failed to send request

    Root Cause Analysis


      Failed to send request

      at com.bea.wcp.sip.engine.server.TransactionManager.sendRequest()
    2. com.bea.wcp
      1. com.bea.wcp.sip.engine.server.TransactionManager.sendRequest(
      2. com.bea.wcp.sip.engine.server.SipSessionImpl.sendRequest(
      3. com.bea.wcp.sip.engine.server.SipServletRequestImpl.send(
      4. com.bea.wcp.sip.engine.server.proxy.ProxyBranchImpl.start(
      5. com.bea.wcp.sip.engine.server.proxy.ProxyImpl$StatefulEngine.startProxy(
      5 frames