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  • Could not get imageId
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  • Re: Could not get imageId
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    • java.util.NoSuchElementException: could not get imageId(us-east-1a/ami-d51d93bc) at org.jclouds.ec2.compute.internal.EC2TemplateBuilderImpl$1.get( at org.jclouds.ec2.compute.internal.EC2TemplateBuilderImpl$1.get( at org.jclouds.ec2.compute.internal.EC2TemplateBuilderImpl.getImages( at at at org.apache.whirr.actions.BootstrapClusterAction.doAction( at org.apache.whirr.actions.ScriptBasedClusterAction.execute( at org.apache.whirr.ClusterController.bootstrapCluster( at org.apache.whirr.ClusterController.launchCluster( at at at at org.apache.whirr.cli.Main.main(
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