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    • [ID = 'DestinationUnreachable'] There is no resource available at the given EPR: <wsa:EndpointReference xmlns:wsa=""> <wsa:Address></wsa:Address> <wsa:ReferenceParameters> <muse-wsa:ResourceId xmlns:muse-wsa="" wsa:IsReferenceParameter="true" xmlns:wsa="">MuseResource-3</muse-wsa:ResourceI d> </wsa:ReferenceParameters> </wsa:EndpointReference> The existing EPRs hosted by this endpoint are: <wsa:EndpointReference xmlns:wsa=""> <wsa:ReferenceParameters xmlns:wsa=" "> <muse-wsa:ResourceId xmlns:muse-wsa="">MuseResource-1</muse-wsa:ResourceI d> </wsa:ReferenceParameters> <wsa:Address> </wsa:Address> </wsa:EndpointReference> at org.apache.muse.core.AbstractResourceClient.invoke( at org.apache.muse.core.AbstractResourceClient.invoke( at org.apache.muse.test.wsrf.SimpleResourceClient.ExecuteQuery( at org.apache.muse.test.wsrf.WsrfTestClient.main(
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