org.apache.ode.bpel.iapi.ContextException: DbError

ode-user | Rich Taylor | 1 decade ago
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    Suggested revision to get up and running?

    ode-user | 1 decade ago | Rich Taylor
    org.apache.ode.bpel.iapi.ContextException: DbError
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    Bitronix Transaction Manager - Transaction problems with Postgresql | 2 years ago
    org.apache.ode.bpel.iapi.ContextException: DbError
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    Ode server error on stopping (as well as BPEL deploy error)

    Stack Overflow | 3 years ago | David Lemporo
    org.apache.ode.bpel.iapi.ContextException: Could not activate endpoint for service {http://helloworld.localhost}HelloWorldService and port HelloWorldPort
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    NullPointerException at process deployment

    ode-user | 9 years ago | S?ebastien Mosser
    org.apache.ode.bpel.iapi.ContextException: Deployment failed within the engine.
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    Failure when deploying HelloWorld2 process to ode in weblogic 9.2

    ode-user | 9 years ago | Jackson, Douglas
    org.apache.ode.bpel.iapi.ContextException: Deploy failed; file:/D:/ode-war/WEB-INF/processes/HelloWo rld2/HelloWorld2.bpel:0: error: [BpelParseErr] Error parsing BPEL process: the BPEL is either malfor med or is invalid.

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. org.apache.ode.bpel.iapi.ContextException


    2. org.apache.ode
      3. org.apache.ode.axis2.deploy.DeploymentPoller.check(
      4. org.apache.ode.axis2.deploy.DeploymentPoller.access$300(
      5. org.apache.ode.axis2.deploy.DeploymentPoller$
      5 frames