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  • Error using mssql with jetspeed 2
    via by yasser arafat,
    • Error reading class type: org. apache.jetspeed.profiler.rules.impl.StandardProfilingRule from result set, curre nt read field was ojbConcreteClass at ( at yFrom( at at ) at at ( at ( at at at at ( at yQuery( at yQuery( at org.springframework.orm.ojb.PersistenceBrokerTemplate$3.doInPersisten ceBroker( at org.springframework.orm.ojb.PersistenceBrokerTemplate.execute(Persist at org.springframework.orm.ojb.PersistenceBrokerTemplate.executeFind(Per at org.springframework.orm.ojb.PersistenceBrokerTemplate.getCollectionBy Query( at org.apache.jetspeed.profiler.impl.JetspeedProfilerImpl.getRulesForPri ncipal( at org.apache.jetspeed.profiler.impl.JetspeedProfilerImpl.getProfileLoca tors( at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
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