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  • Crash
    via GitHub by AzzyTheDreemurr
    • java.lang.VerifyError: Bad local variable type Exception Details: Location: makeo/gadomancy/common/utils/world/ChunkProviderTCOuter.func_73154_d(II)Lnet/minecraft/world/chunk/Chunk; @143: aload_3 Reason: Type long (current frame, locals[3]) is not assignable to reference type Current Frame: bci: @143 flags: { } locals: { 'makeo/gadomancy/common/utils/world/ChunkProviderTCOuter', integer, integer, long, long_2nd, 'makeo/gadomancy/common/utils/world/fake/FakeWorldTCGeneration$ChunkBuffer', integer } stack: { 'net/minecraft/world/World', integer, integer } Bytecode: 0x0000000: 2a2a b400 2bb8 0040 1b85 1c85 1020 7981 0x0000010: 42b2 0046 b400 4a21 b800 50b6 0054 9906 0x0000020: a2b2 0046 b400 4a21 b800 50b6 0058 3a05 0x0000030: 0336 0615 0619 05b4 005b bea2 0040 1905 0x0000040: b400 5b15 0632 b200 61a6 002c b200 61b2 0x0000050: 0046 1506 100b 7a10 0f7e 1b07 7880 1506 0x0000060: 107f 7e15 0610 077a 100f 7e1c 0778 80b2 0x0000070: 0061 b600 6784 0601 a7ff bbb2 0046 b400 0x0000080: 4a21 b800 50b6 006b 572a b400 2b1b 1c2d 0x0000090: b800 6fbb 0071 592a b400 2b19 05b4 005b 0x00000a0: 1905 b400 741b 1cb7 0077 3a07 1907 b600 0x00000b0: 7b3a 06b2 007d 0319 0603 b200 7dbe b800 0x00000c0: 8319 05b4 0087 b900 8d01 003a 0819 08b9 0x00000d0: 0094 0100 9900 8819 08b9 0098 0100 c000 0x00000e0: 9a3a 0919 05b4 005b 1909 0632 b600 a032 0x00000f0: 2ab4 002b 1905 b400 7419 0906 32b6 00a0 0x0000100: 33b6 00a4 3a0a 190a c600 5119 0ac1 00a6 0x0000110: 9900 0cbb 00a8 59b7 00a9 3a0a 2ab4 002b 0x0000120: 190a b600 b119 0719 0903 32b6 00a0 100f 0x0000130: 7e19 0904 32b6 00a0 1909 0532 b600 a010 0x0000140: 0f7e 190a b600 b519 0a19 05b4 0074 1909 0x0000150: 0632 b600 a033 b500 b8a7 ff74 b200 46b4 0x0000160: 00bc b900 c201 00b9 00c5 0100 3a08 1908 0x0000170: b900 9401 0099 03b6 1908 b900 9801 00c0 0x0000180: 00c7 3a09 b200 46b4 00bc 1909 b900 c902 0x0000190: 00c0 00ab 3a0a 190a b400 cc07 7a1b a0ff 0x00001a0: d019 0ab4 00cf 077a 1c9f 0006 a7ff c2bb 0x00001b0: 00d1 5919 0ab4 00cc 100f 7e19 0ab4 00d4 0x00001c0: 190a b400 cf10 0f7e b700 d73a 0b19 07b4 0x00001d0: 00da 190b b900 db02 009a 005f b200 dfbb 0x00001e0: 00e1 59b7 00e2 12e4 b600 e819 0ab4 00cc 0x00001f0: b600 eb12 edb6 00e8 190a b400 d4b6 00eb 0x0000200: 12ed b600 e819 0ab4 00cf b600 eb12 efb6 0x0000210: 00e8 1907 b400 f2b6 00eb 12ed b600 e819 0x0000220: 07b4 00f5 b600 ebb6 00f9 b600 ffbb 0101 0x0000230: 5913 0103 b701 05bf 1907 b400 da19 0bb9 0x0000240: 00c9 0200 c000 ab3a 0c19 0ac1 0107 9900 0x0000250: 8619 0cc1 0107 9a00 65b2 00df bb00 e159 0x0000260: b700 e213 0109 b600 e819 0ab4 00cc b600 0x0000270: eb12 edb6 00e8 190a b400 d4b6 00eb 12ed 0x0000280: b600 e819 0ab4 00cf b600 eb13 010b b600 0x0000290: e819 0ab6 010f b601 14b6 00e8 1301 16b6 0x00002a0: 00e8 190c b601 0fb6 0114 b600 e8b6 00f9 0x00002b0: b600 ffbb 0101 59b7 0117 bf19 0cc0 0107 0x00002c0: b601 1b19 0ac0 0107 b601 1bb6 0120 b601 0x00002d0: 23a7 0250 190a c100 a699 009c 190c c100 0x00002e0: a69a 0065 b200 dfbb 00e1 59b7 00e2 1301 0x00002f0: 09b6 00e8 190a b400 ccb6 00eb 12ed b600 0x0000300: e819 0ab4 00d4 b600 eb12 edb6 00e8 190a 0x0000310: b400 cfb6 00eb 1301 0bb6 00e8 190a b601 0x0000320: 0fb6 0114 b600 e813 0116 b600 e819 0cb6 0x0000330: 010f b601 14b6 00e8 b600 f9b6 00ff bb01 0x0000340: 0159 b701 17bf bb01 2559 b701 263a 0d19 0x0000350: 0d13 0128 190a c000 a6b6 012c b601 3019 0x0000360: 0d13 0132 02b6 0136 190c c000 a619 0db6 0x0000370: 013a a701 af19 0ac1 013c 9900 8019 0cc1 0x0000380: 013c 9a00 65b2 00df bb00 e159 b700 e213 0x0000390: 0109 b600 e819 0ab4 00cc b600 eb12 edb6 0x00003a0: 00e8 190a b400 d4b6 00eb 12ed b600 e819 0x00003b0: 0ab4 00cf b600 eb13 010b b600 e819 0ab6 0x00003c0: 010f b601 14b6 00e8 1301 16b6 00e8 190c 0x00003d0: b601 0fb6 0114 b600 e8b6 00f9 b600 ffbb 0x00003e0: 0101 59b7 0117 bf19 0cc0 013c 190a c001 0x00003f0: 3cb4 0140 b501 40a7 012a 190a c101 4299 0x0000400: 0093 190c c101 429a 0065 b200 dfbb 00e1 0x0000410: 59b7 00e2 1301 09b6 00e8 190a b400 ccb6 0x0000420: 00eb 12ed b600 e819 0ab4 00d4 b600 eb12 0x0000430: edb6 00e8 190a b400 cfb6 00eb 1301 0bb6 0x0000440: 00e8 190a b601 0fb6 0114 b600 e813 0116 0x0000450: b600 e819 0cb6 010f b601 14b6 00e8 b600 0x0000460: f9b6 00ff bb01 0159 b701 17bf bb01 2559 0x0000470: b701 263a 0d19 0d13 0128 190a c001 42b6 0x0000480: 0143 b601 3019 0cc0 0142 190d b601 44a7 0x0000490: 0092 190a c101 4699 006d 190c c101 469a 0x00004a0: 0082 b200 dfbb 00e1 59b7 00e2 1301 09b6 0x00004b0: 00e8 190a b400 ccb6 00eb 12ed b600 e819 0x00004c0: 0ab4 00d4 b600 eb12 edb6 00e8 190a b400 0x00004d0: cfb6 00eb 1301 0bb6 00e8 190a b601 0fb6 0x00004e0: 0114 b600 e813 0116 b600 e819 0cb6 010f 0x00004f0: b601 14b6 00e8 b600 f9b6 00ff bb01 0159 0x0000500: b701 17bf bb01 0159 bb00 e159 b700 e213 0x0000510: 0148 b600 e819 0ab6 014b b600 f9b7 0105 0x0000520: bf19 08b9 014d 0100 a7fc 46b2 0046 b401 0x0000530: 50b9 008d 0100 3a09 1909 b900 9401 0099 0x0000540: 0119 1909 b900 9801 003a 0a19 0ac1 0009 0x0000550: 9900 6919 0ac0 0009 3a0b 190b b401 538e 0x0000560: 077a 1ba0 ffd5 190b b401 558e 077a 1c9f 0x0000570: 0006 a7ff c6bb 0157 592a b400 2b19 0bb4 0x0000580: 0153 190b b401 5a19 0bb4 0155 190b b401 0x0000590: 5eb7 0161 3a0c 190c 0eb5 0164 190c 0eb5 0x00005a0: 0167 190c 0eb5 016a 1907 190c b601 6e19 0x00005b0: 09b9 014d 0100 a700 9f19 0ac1 000e 9900 0x00005c0: 7a19 0ac0 000e 3a0b 190b b401 6f8e 077a 0x00005d0: 1ba0 ff67 190b b401 708e 077a 1c9f 0006 0x00005e0: a7ff 58bb 0172 592a b400 2bb7 0175 3a0c 0x00005f0: 190c 190b b401 6f19 0bb4 0176 190b b401 0x0000600: 70b6 017a 190c 190b b401 7eb4 0181 190b 0x0000610: b401 7eb4 0184 190b b401 7eb4 0187 190b 0x0000620: b401 8a8e b601 8e19 0719 0cb6 016e 1909 0x0000630: b901 4d01 00a7 0020 bb01 0159 bb00 e159 0x0000640: b700 e213 0190 b600 e819 0ab6 014b b600 0x0000650: f9b7 0105 bfa7 fee3 0336 0a15 0a10 10a2 0x0000660: 005e 1032 360b 150b 1040 a200 4d03 360c 0x0000670: 150c 1010 a200 3d15 0a10 0f7e 0778 150c 0x0000680: 100f 7e80 1007 7815 0b80 360d 1905 b401 0x0000690: 9615 0d2e 360e 150e 9e00 1319 07b2 019c 0x00006a0: 150a 150b 150c 150e b601 a084 0c01 a7ff 0x00006b0: c284 0b01 a7ff b284 0a01 a7ff a1a7 0058 0x00006c0: b201 a2be bd00 633a 05b2 01a2 0319 0503 0x00006d0: b201 a2be b800 83b2 01a4 bebc 083a 06b2 0x00006e0: 01a4 0319 0603 b201 a4be b800 83bb 0071 0x00006f0: 592a b400 2b19 0519 061b 1cb7 0077 3a07 0x0000700: 1907 b600 7b3a 08b2 007d 0319 0803 b200 0x0000710: 7dbe b800 8319 07b6 01a7 1907 b0 Stackmap Table: append_frame(@51,Long,Object[#17],Integer) same_frame_extended(@117) same_frame(@123) full_frame(@205,{Object[#2],Integer,Integer,Long,Object[#17],Object[#142],Object[#113],Object[#144]},{}) append_frame(@284,Object[#154],Object[#171]) same_frame(@345) chop_frame(@348,2) same_frame(@366) append_frame(@431,Object[#199],Object[#171]) append_frame(@568,Object[#209]) append_frame(@699,Object[#171]) same_frame(@724) same_frame_extended(@838) same_frame(@885) same_frame_extended(@999) same_frame(@1018) same_frame_extended(@1132) same_frame(@1170) same_frame_extended(@1284) same_frame(@1313) full_frame(@1323,{Object[#2],Integer,Integer,Long,Object[#17],Object[#142],Object[#113],Object[#144]},{}) append_frame(@1336,Object[#144]) append_frame(@1397,Object[#4],Object[#9]) chop_frame(@1465,1) append_frame(@1507,Object[#14]) chop_frame(@1592,1) append_frame(@1621,Object[#4],Object[#402]) chop_frame(@1624,3) append_frame(@1627,Integer) append_frame(@1638,Integer) append_frame(@1648,Integer) append_frame(@1707,Integer,Integer) chop_frame(@1713,2) chop_frame(@1719,1) chop_frame(@1725,1) full_frame(@1728,{Object[#2],Integer,Integer,Long},{}) full_frame(@1813,{Object[#2],Integer,Integer,Long,Object[#4],Object[#142],Object[#113],Object[#4]},{}) at at at<init>( at<init>( at<init>( at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71247_a( at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71197_b( at at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer$
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