org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration.ConfigurationException: Error configurable datasource).

james-server-user | Álvaro Póliz | 9 years ago
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    Problem with JAMES and Database connection

    james-server-user | 9 years ago | Álvaro Póliz
    org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration.ConfigurationException: Error configurable datasource).
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    Installing James on Windows

    james-server-user | 2 years ago | Luuk
    org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration.ConfigurationException: destination>>URL).
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    Re: using LDAP user storage

    james-server-user | 1 decade ago | Artur Satarov
    org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration.ConfigurationException: No value is associated with the configuration element "GroupAttribute" at <generated>file:/C :/james-server-next-major/apps/james/SAR-INF/config.xml:1500:92).
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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration.ConfigurationException

      Error configurable datasource).

      at org.apache.avalon.phoenix.components.application.DefaultApplication.start()
    2. org.apache.avalon
      1. org.apache.avalon.phoenix.components.application.DefaultApplication.start(
      1 frame
    3. Avalon
      1. org.apache.avalon.framework.container.ContainerUtil.start(
      1 frame
    4. org.apache.avalon
      1. org.apache.avalon.phoenix.components.kernel.DefaultKernel.startup(
      1 frame