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You need to make sure that capitalisation of the case for the plugin in the
properties file is exactly: "AllocinePlugin" and not "allocineplugin"


This is a bug when using Micromax devices with VideoView. You can either exclude these devices or look at this workaround:

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  • GitHub comment 40#251066829
    via GitHub by easybe
  • Spring Security: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
    via by Unknown author,
  • My 4.8.3 configuration is using LDAP Authentication. I cannot import a migration bundle from a 4.8.3 BI Server that has a public schedule with generated content. Reproduce: 1) Create a public schedule that can execute Inventory List and add that report to be executed (as the admin user). -- It doesn't matter what you name the report when scheduling the content, I named mine "CurtisInv space.html"; It shows up in the import log as 'Importing file name =[ Inventory ]' 2) Export using the migrator 3) Reset 5.0 server repository 3a) Delete all contents of pentaho-solutions/system/jackrabbit/repository/ 3b) Rerun database scripts: create_repository, create_jcr 4) Start 5.0 server 5) Log in as admin -- Sets up the repository 6) Stop 5.0 server 7) Run migrator for import against 5.0 server ------ At this point you will find the following exception in the migration.log: 2014-01-22 14:22:01,322 INFO [org.pentaho.platform.migration.utils.SOutObserver] [STARTING]: Starting generated content import 2014-01-22 14:22:01,324 INFO [org.pentaho.platform.migration.utils.SOutObserver] [PROGRESS]: Processing Generated Contents for user [u1] 2014-01-22 14:22:01,324 INFO [org.pentaho.platform.migration.utils.SOutObserver] [PROGRESS]: Processing background executed and private scheduled contents 2014-01-22 14:22:01,324 INFO [org.pentaho.platform.migration.utils.SOutObserver] [PROGRESS]: Processing generated contents for subscription of Inventory.prpt content 2014-01-22 14:22:01,325 INFO [org.pentaho.platform.migration.utils.SOutObserver] [PROGRESS]: Importing file name =[ Inventory ]0 of 3 to /home/u1/MigratedContents folder 2014-01-22 14:22:01,325 INFO [org.pentaho.platform.migration.utils.SOutObserver] [PROGRESS]: Importing dependent generated content 0 of 11 to /home/u1/MigratedContents folder 2014-01-22 14:22:01,326 ERROR [org.pentaho.platform.migration.utils.SOutObserver] [EXCEPTION]: Error importing generated contents for user: u1 java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1 at java.lang.String.substring( at org.pentaho.migration.v50.agents.MigrationAgentGeneratedContent.importFile( at org.pentaho.migration.v50.agents.MigrationAgentGeneratedContent.importDependentFiles( at org.pentaho.migration.v50.agents.MigrationAgentGeneratedContent.performMigration( at org.pentaho.platform.migration.PlatformMigrator$ at
    via by Curtis Boyden,
  • we ran into this: > git checkout -f a6ecfa813a4c9a5699df4ec39cfdd596852b8d71 # timeout=10 > git branch -a -v --no-abbrev # timeout=10 FATAL: String index out of range: -1 java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1 at java.lang.String.substring( at org.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.CliGitAPIImpl.parseBranches( at org.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.CliGitAPIImpl.getBranches( at hudson.plugins.git.GitAPI.getBranches( at org.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.CliGitAPIImpl$9.execute( at org.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.RemoteGitImpl$CommandInvocationHandler$ at org.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.RemoteGitImpl$CommandInvocationHandler$ at hudson.remoting.UserRequest.perform( at hudson.remoting.UserRequest.perform( at hudson.remoting.Request$ at hudson.remoting.InterceptingExecutorService$ at at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ at at ......remote call to jenkins-node-1(Native Method) at hudson.remoting.Channel.attachCallSiteStackTrace( at hudson.remoting.UserResponse.retrieve( at at org.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.RemoteGitImpl$CommandInvocationHandler.execute( at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor208.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke( at org.jenkinsci.plugins.gitclient.RemoteGitImpl$CommandInvocationHandler.invoke( at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy65.execute(Unknown Source) at hudson.plugins.git.GitSCM.checkout( at hudson.scm.SCM.checkout( at hudson.model.AbstractProject.checkout( at hudson.model.AbstractBuild$AbstractBuildExecution.defaultCheckout( at jenkins.scm.SCMCheckoutStrategy.checkout( at hudson.model.AbstractBuild$ at hudson.model.Run.execute( at at hudson.model.ResourceController.execute( at -> turned out to be a DOS line ending in a commit message “...^M” - which leads to parsing an empty line here ==== versions: jenkins-ci: Jenkins ver. 1.656 Git client plugin 1.19.6 Git plugin 2.4.4
    via by Frank Geusch,
    • java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1 at java.lang.String.substring( at at at at at at$FilterProxy$1.doFilter( at$FilterProxy.doFilter( at at at$ at$ at$ at at org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler$CachedChain.doFilter( at org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler.doHandle( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.session.SessionHandler.doHandle( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.ContextHandler.doHandle( at org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler.doScope( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.session.SessionHandler.doScope( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.ContextHandler.doScope( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.ScopedHandler.handle( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.HandlerWrapper.handle( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.RequestLogHandler.handle( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.HandlerWrapper.handle( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server.handle( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpChannel.handle( at org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpConnection.onFillable( at$ at org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.QueuedThreadPool.runJob( at org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.QueuedThreadPool$ at

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