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Stack Overflow | John Smth | 4 months ago
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    write data to file not working

    Stack Overflow | 4 months ago | John Smth (Result too large)
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    naming the json file with a format

    Stack Overflow | 2 years ago | limonik F4:06:8D:1E:20:C1.json (Die Syntax für den Dateinamen, Verzeichnisnamen oder die Datenträgerbezeichnung ist falsch)
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    JAVA cant create file due to access denied

    Stack Overflow | 1 year ago | Chris Nedworth C:\Users\Public(Access is denied)
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    File not found exception while using session recorder

    GitHub | 1 year ago | cbdmaul sessions\2015-08-02 17.52.59.xml (The system cannot find the path specified)

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  2. Java RT
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    5.<init>(Unknown Source)
    5 frames
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    1. DistanceFile.main(
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