java.lang.IllegalStateException: No Such servlet: null

Stack Overflow | jnbbender | 2 weeks ago
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    Configuring jersey SpringServlet as a servlet throws "IllegalStateException: No Such servlet"

    Stack Overflow | 2 weeks ago | jnbbender
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: No Such servlet: null
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    classic-ui doesn't start in offline distro

    GitHub | 10 months ago | dvanherbergen
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Multiple servlets map to path: /classicui/app/*: org.ops4j.pax.web.service.spi.model.ServletModel-28,org.ops4j.pax.web.service.spi.model.ServletModel-31
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    deployment of activemq-web-console-5.9.1.war to Jetty 9.1.4 fails

    Stack Overflow | 2 years ago | Vegard
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: No such servlet: __org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.JspPropertyGroupServlet__
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    AzureWebApplication [azure-webapp]: Failed startup of context.

    GitHub | 4 months ago | vladimir-shcherbakov
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: No such servlet: myServlet
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    OpenBD on GAE Update 1.5.5

    Google Groups | 5 years ago | Penny
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: No such servlet: cfmOpenBDClock
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Root Cause Analysis

  1. java.lang.IllegalStateException

    No Such servlet: null

    at org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler.updateMappings()
  2. Jetty
    1. org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler.updateMappings(
    2. org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler.setFilterMappings(
    3. org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler.addServletMapping(
    3 frames