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  • SparkContext was shut down
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    • org.apache.spark.SparkException: Job 34 cancelled because SparkContext was shut down at org.apache.spark.scheduler.DAGScheduler$$anonfun$cleanUpAfterSchedulerStop$1.apply(DAGScheduler.scala:806) at org.apache.spark.scheduler.DAGScheduler$$anonfun$cleanUpAfterSchedulerStop$1.apply(DAGScheduler.scala:804) at scala.collection.mutable.HashSet.foreach(HashSet.scala:79) at org.apache.spark.scheduler.DAGScheduler.cleanUpAfterSchedulerStop(DAGScheduler.scala:804) at org.apache.spark.scheduler.DAGSchedulerEventProcessLoop.onStop(DAGScheduler.scala:1658) at org.apache.spark.util.EventLoop.stop(EventLoop.scala:84) at org.apache.spark.scheduler.DAGScheduler.stop(DAGScheduler.scala:1581) at org.apache.spark.SparkContext$$anonfun$stop$9.apply$mcV$sp(SparkContext.scala:1740) at org.apache.spark.util.Utils$.tryLogNonFatalError(Utils.scala:1219) at org.apache.spark.SparkContext.stop(SparkContext.scala:1739)

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