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  • Neuron export fails
    via GitHub by epiasini
    • org.lemsml.jlems.core.sim.ContentError: No such exposure spikeRecorder in ComponentType, name=iafRefCell (Integrate and fire cell with capacitance _C, _leakConductance, _leakReversal and refractory period _refract) extends iafCell refract (time) leakConductance (conductance) leakReversal (voltage) thresh (voltage) reset (voltage) C (capacitance) at org.lemsml.jlems.core.type.ComponentType.getExposure( at org.neuroml.export.neuron.NeuronWriter.generate( at org.neuroml.export.neuron.NeuronWriter.getMainScript( at org.neuroml.JNeuroML.main(
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