/crawl/heritrix/heritrix-0.6.0/jobs/crs-20040427190708335/disk/scratch/bphc (Too many open files)

JIRA | Michael Stack | 1 decade ago
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    I happen to have a seed list of nearly 1024 entries. Not totally surprisingly, Heritrix behaves a little oddly with that many seeds. First, crawls with either 0.6.0 or the latest CVS build fail because too many files are opened almost immediately, and then neither socket operations nor file logging are able to proceed. A typical exception: /crawl/heritrix/heritrix-0.6.0/jobs/crs-20040427190708335/disk/scratch/bphc (Too many open files) at Method) at<init>( at<init>( at<init>( at va:67) at org.archive.util.DiskQueue.<init>( at org.archive.util.DiskBackedQueue.<init>( at org.archive.crawler.basic.KeyedQueue.<init>( at org.archive.crawler.basic.Frontier.keyedQueueFor( at org.archive.crawler.basic.Frontier.scheduleForRetry( at org.archive.crawler.basic.Frontier.finished( at org.archive.crawler.framework.ToeThread.processCrawlUri( at You can get past that by allowing a larger number of open files for the process (which requires running Heritrix with root privilege), as in: # (ulimit -n 4096; JAVA_OPTS=-Xmx320 bin/heritrix -p 9876)

    JIRA | 1 decade ago | Michael Stack /crawl/heritrix/heritrix-0.6.0/jobs/crs-20040427190708335/disk/scratch/bphc (Too many open files)
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    TeamCity is leaking caches/git file descriptors

    YouTrack | 7 years ago /data/teamcity/BuildServer/system/pluginData/customDataStorage/buildTypes/bt2613/485653500 (Too many open files)
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    FileNotFoundException during saving of PDF file

    GitHub | 6 years ago | mbastian C:\****\Untilted.pdf (Le processus ne peut pas accéder au fichier car ce fichier est utilisé par un autre processus)
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    Marker Issues

    GitHub | 4 years ago | TheSeize plugins/dynmap/web/tiles/_markers_/ (No such file or directory)
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    Trouble with deploying Sonatype Nexus to Tomcat6 on Gentoo (log4j)

    Stack Overflow | 7 years ago | John /dev/null/sonatype-work/nexus/conf/ (Not a directory)

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    /crawl/heritrix/heritrix-0.6.0/jobs/crs-20040427190708335/disk/scratch/bphc (Too many open files)

  2. Java RT
    1. Method)
    3 frames
  3. webarchive-commons
    3. org.archive.util.DiskQueue.<init>(
    4. org.archive.util.DiskBackedQueue.<init>(
    4 frames
  4. org.archive.crawler
    1. org.archive.crawler.basic.KeyedQueue.<init>(
    2. org.archive.crawler.basic.Frontier.keyedQueueFor(
    3. org.archive.crawler.basic.Frontier.scheduleForRetry(
    4. org.archive.crawler.basic.Frontier.finished(
    5. org.archive.crawler.framework.ToeThread.processCrawlUri(
    6 frames