java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: 2 not a valid level value JIRA | Filip Jirsák | 9 years ago
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    Logback - How to write any log level by specifying it on log statement?

    Stack Overflow | 3 years ago | Karthick Radhakrishnan
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: 20000 not a valid level value
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    GitHub comment 1973#230988889

    GitHub | 5 months ago | Suresh-Reddevil
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: 'value' is not a valid managed object.
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    Waking Wear Device from Ambient Mode from Companion Mobile App

    Stack Overflow | 2 years ago | user2825168
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Must specify a valid wake lock level.

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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException

      2 not a valid level value

      at ch.qos.logback.classic.Logger.log()
    2. Logback Classic Module
      1. ch.qos.logback.classic.Logger.log(
      1 frame
    3. Apache Commons Logging
      1. org.apache.commons.logging.impl.SLF4JLocationAwareLog.warn(
      1 frame