Network is unreachable

Google Groups | 麦思贝哒 | 5 years ago
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    Google Groups | 5 years ago | 麦思贝哒 Network is unreachable
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    IBM IV09082: HP 64-BIT ITANIUM(IA64) JAVA.NET.SOCKETEXCEPTION: INVALID ARGUME NT (ERRNO:22) - United States | 3 months ago Invalid argument(errno:22)
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    SOAPException: Network is unreachable

    Oracle Community | 1 decade ago | 255576 Network is unreachable Network is unreachable]
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    Command of connecting to HBase works well in ipv4 machine but failed in ipv6 machine

    Stack Overflow | 1 year ago | Eleanor callTimeout=60000, callDuration=68797: row 'test_copy,,' on table 'hbase:meta' at region=hbase:meta,,1.1588230740, hostname={some link}, seqNum=0

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      Network is unreachable

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