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  • Building grpc-java on Power8
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  • Unable to load on windows.
    via GitHub by carl-mastrangelo
  • GitHub comment 379#256518100
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  • GitHub comment 379#257915880
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  • Failed to load Netty library
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  • Issue: Cannot build APNSClient
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    • java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: failed to load the required native library at io.netty.handler.ssl.OpenSsl.ensureAvailability( at io.netty.handler.ssl.OpenSslContext.<init>( at io.netty.handler.ssl.OpenSslServerContext.<init>( at io.netty.handler.ssl.OpenSslServerContext.<init>( at io.netty.handler.ssl.SslContext.newServerContextInternal( at at io.grpc.testing.integration.Http2NettyTest.startServer( Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed to load any of the given libraries: [netty-tcnative-linux-aarch_64, netty-tcnative-linux-aarch_64-fedora, netty-tcnative] at io.netty.util.internal.NativeLibraryLoader.loadFirstAvailable( at io.netty.handler.ssl.OpenSsl.loadTcNative( at io.netty.handler.ssl.OpenSsl.<clinit>( at io.grpc.netty.GrpcSslContexts.defaultSslProvider( at io.grpc.netty.GrpcSslContexts.configure( at io.grpc.netty.GrpcSslContexts.forServer( at io.grpc.testing.integration.Http2NettyTest.startServer(

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