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  • Where to find the entire SMTP-error
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  • GitHub comment 1286#213656117
    via GitHub by Demel75
  • Wrong SMTP server when sending mail
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  • Re-edit failed email in Outbox
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    • com.fsck.k9.mail.MessagingException: Unable to send message at com.fsck.k9.mail.transport.SmtpTransport.sendMessageTo( at com.fsck.k9.mail.transport.SmtpTransport.sendMessage( at com.fsck.k9.controller.MessagingController.sendPendingMessagesSynchronous( at com.fsck.k9.controller.MessagingController$ at at Caused by: com.fsck.k9.mail.transport.SmtpTransport$NegativeSmtpReplyException: Negative SMTP reply: 504 5.5.2 <android-8513f86d1377e753>: Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname at com.fsck.k9.mail.transport.SmtpTransport.checkLine( at com.fsck.k9.mail.transport.SmtpTransport.executeSimpleCommand( at com.fsck.k9.mail.transport.SmtpTransport.executeSimpleCommand( at com.fsck.k9.mail.transport.SmtpTransport.sendMessageTo( ... 5 more
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