JIRA | Kevin Normoyle | 3 years ago
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    user saw this I forgot I had the ability to reply the json url history, as html requests, for testing basic html/browser functionality (it does it thru a browser it opens..the default browser on the system) added test that causes the problem. The reply doesn't redo putfile/upload correctly, but the key is already there, so the test can work (it's there from doing the test sequence in json first) cd testdir_single_jvm python the stack trace happens while polling for GLM progress I updated it so sandbox/commands.log gets the log of the html requests too. (after running the test and it fails you can see it). Or you can look at the browser history. The browser seems to open new tabs on each url..I have to figure out how to open in the same window. But heck maybe that's an interesting test! [2014-02-10 17:05:05.874729] Starting prostate.csv [2014-02-10 17:05:05.874751] [2014-02-10 17:05:05.874964] import_only: uses put://home/kevin/h2o/smalldata/logreg/prostate.csv [2014-02-10 17:05:05.875005] Local path to file that will be uploaded: /home/kevin/h2o/smalldata/logreg/prostate.csv [2014-02-10 17:05:05.875030] That path resolves as: /home/kevin/h2o/smalldata/logreg/prostate.csv [2014-02-10 17:05:05.875111] [2014-02-10 17:05:05.880309] parse parameters: {'header': None, 'destination_key': 'prostate.csv.hex', 'separator': None, 'preview': None, 'exclude': None, 'header_from_file': None, 'parser_type': None, 'blocking': None, 'single_quotes': None, 'source_key': 'prostate.csv'} [2014-02-10 17:05:05.880477] redirect [2014-02-10 17:05:06.395903] java.lang.NullPointerException [2014-02-10 17:05:06.898852] at water.api.GLMProgressPage$GLMBuilder.ROCplot( [2014-02-10 17:05:06.899026] at water.api.GLMProgressPage$GLMBuilder.validationHTML( [2014-02-10 17:05:06.899058] at water.api.GLMProgressPage$GLMBuilder.validationHTML( [2014-02-10 17:05:06.899083] at water.api.GLMProgressPage$GLMBuilder.modelHTML( [2014-02-10 17:05:06.899106] at water.api.GLMProgressPage$ [2014-02-10 17:05:06.899128] at water.api.RequestBuilders$ [2014-02-10 17:05:06.899151] at [2014-02-10 17:05:06.899172] at water.api.Request.serveGrid( [2014-02-10 17:05:06.899191] at water.api.Request.serve( [2014-02-10 17:05:06.899210] at water.api.RequestServer.serve( [2014-02-10 17:05:06.899230] at water.NanoHTTPD$ [2014-02-10 17:05:06.899249] at

    JIRA | 3 years ago | Kevin Normoyle
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    Root Cause Analysis

    1. java.lang.NullPointerException

      No message provided

      at water.api.GLMProgressPage$GLMBuilder.ROCplot()
    2. water.api
      1. water.api.GLMProgressPage$GLMBuilder.ROCplot(
      2. water.api.GLMProgressPage$GLMBuilder.validationHTML(
      3. water.api.GLMProgressPage$GLMBuilder.validationHTML(
      4. water.api.GLMProgressPage$GLMBuilder.modelHTML(
      5. water.api.GLMProgressPage$
      6. water.api.RequestBuilders$
      8. water.api.Request.serveGrid(
      9. water.api.Request.serve(
      10. water.api.RequestServer.serve(
      10 frames
    3. water
      1. water.NanoHTTPD$
      1 frame
    4. Java RT
      1 frame